[KBA-01373] Directory Manager role stops restoring partial database backups and displays an error - Security Center 5.4 - 5.9

Security Center 5.4 - 5.9

[KBA-01373] Directory Manager role stops restoring partial database backups and displays an error

This article explains why the Directory Manager role in Security Center might sometimes stop generating and restoring partial Directory database backups. It also explains why the role might be shown in yellow while displaying an Error occurred while restoring database message in the Diagnostic window.


After configuring the Backup and restore settings for the Directory Manager role in the Database failover tab in Config Tool, the Directory Manager role might go into a warning state (yellow icon). Clicking Diagnose displays the following error:

01) Success Role type loaded 
02) Success Database server 'PrimaryServerName\SQLInstanceName' correctly configured Version: 10.50.2500
03) Success Database server ' BackupServerName\SQLInstanceName ' correctly configured Version: 10.50.2500 
04) Success Database backup server ' PrimaryDatabaseName ': Ready 
05) Error Database restore server 'BackupDatabaseName': Error 
Error occurred while restoring database. Possible causes: 
- Not enough space on disk 
- Restore folder invalid or not accessible 
- SQL server versions between servers not compatible
- Differential backup do not match the full backup signature, full backup required

Genetec.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Genetec.Synergis.Common.Interfaces.Role.Services.DatabaseOperationFault]: This differential backup
cannot be restored because the database has not been restored to the correct earlier state. at 
Genetec.RoleManagement.Utilities.DatabaseManagement.DatabaseBackupRestore.EndOperation(IAsyncResult ar) at 
Genetec.Database.Failover.Database.DatabaseRestoreManager.RestoreDatabase(RecoveryTypeEnum recoveryType, String filePath) at 
Genetec.Database.Failover.Database.DatabaseRestoreManager.RestoreBackup(Guid key, Guid itemId, String filePath, RecoveryTypeEnum 
recoveryType, RecoveryReasonEnum recoveryReason)


This error occurs if Directory database failover is enabled using the backup and restore method, and you try to perform a full backup of the database from Server Admin or an external application. When the backup and restore failover mode is enabled for the Directory database, full backups must be done from Config Tool.


To prevent this issue, do the following:
  • Disable the Automatic Directory database backup option in Server Admin.
  • Make sure no external applications are performing backups of the Directory database.
  • Only back up the Directory database using the backup and restore function in Config Tool.