[KBA-00724] How to boost quality on motion when using Bosch VRM in Omnicast™ - Omnicast™ 4.6 - 4.8

Omnicast™ 4.6 - 4.8

[KBA-00724] How to boost quality on motion when using Bosch VRM in Omnicast™

This article explains how to boost image quality in Omnicast™ when motion is detected on Bosch units managed with Bosch VRM.


To use the Boost Quality feature when motion is detected on a Bosch unit managed with Bosch VRM, it is important to follow the setup instructions detailed below.

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1. Open the web page of the Bosch unit you need to configure and change the VCA Configuration setting (located under Alarm > VCA) to Motion +. Test the motion detection in the web page: if it is set correctly, the Alarm status option will switch to ON and will flash red when there is motion.

2. Open the Omnicast Config Tool and select the unit.

3. Click its Motion Detection tab.

4. Select the Full Screen (Unit) detection option.

5. Make sure to un-check Respect archiving schedules and Trigger recording upon motion

6. Click the Boost Quality option under the Video Quality tab.

7. To apply the quality boost automatically, select the option Always override video quality on event recording under the Event recording settings tab.

8. Under the Actions tab, create the two following actions:

- Event Type = Motion On, Action type = Override with event recording quality

- Event Type = Motion Off, Action type = Recording quality as standard configuration

9. Open the Recording Options tab and set the time to record after motion.

10. Repeat for each unit you wish to configure this way.

NOTE: When enabling software motion detection on the Archiver, each Bosch camera and encoder will use up to 8 Mb of memory per MPEG4 stream. The maximum number of cameras that you can have on a high end server is 100 Bosch cameras (800 Mb), so using more than 800 – 900 Mb of memory on an Archiver can cause it to terminate unexpectedly or slow down. For this reason, it is recommended to use Unit motion detection.