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Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes

Genetec Mission Control™

The following software issues are resolved in Genetec Mission Control™

Issue Description
2739437 Security Desk is unresponsive when beginning to monitor an active incident from the Incident report task.
2737805 The Events selection in System > Roles > Incident Manager > Events > Specific in Config Tool is saved but not displayed.
2736193 Sometimes when an incident automation workflow using Conditional activities directs system action based on Door status from CCURE plugin events, the door status is updated after a slight delay which might cause misdirection.
2697346 Incident Manager database does not upgrade when a sub-incident is open but the parent collaborative incident is absent in the system.
2697075 Location for incidents triggered on alarms for Unit lost events are set as the alarm instead of the unit and subsequent events related to the unit are not aggregated.
2692656 When using custom events to trigger incidents, the incident Triggers page displays the event source as Any source.
2684217 When automation workflow is used to continuously check for a specific event using the Wait for event activity in a Parallel task activity, the system only performs the check once.
2673580 Zone armed events are not aggregated as expected when there is a delay in arming the zone
2662814 Incident Manager database does not upgrade if data for AdditionalInfo field has encoding set as UTF-8.
2660175 If a map is attached to an alarm and an incident is triggered by an event from this alarm, when the incident is opened in the Monitoring task, the map will be duplicated.
2647890 Security Center events are not sent to Genetec Mission Control™.
2647108 When incident trigger is configured as any Door event in a selected area, a triggered Door event in the area does not trigger the incident.
2646882 Multiple Access denied events on the same source are triggered as separate incidents.
2645457 Incident Manager role automatically restarts when taking a backup of the Incident Manager database.
2628457 Custom entities related to a active incident are not displayed in the Monitoring task.
2619141 The Disarm zone automation workflow activity does not disarm attached entities defined in the activity.
2600453 The display time in the tiles of the Incident report task for entities displayed through the automation workflow activity Display entity is invalid when Video mode is set to Playback from current time.
2600403 When printing a graphical incident report from the Incident report task in Security Desk, the report name and x-axis title are invalid.
2600056 Incident Manager role goes offline during database backup and does not automatically restart after backup is complete.
2576470 Users without the Incident report privilege are able to double click the Related incidents section Incident details pane and view Closed incidents in the Monitoring task.
2227787 The alarm acknowledgment buttons do not work in the General tab of the Incident Monitoring dashboard.
Workaround: For alarms, go directly to the Alarm monitoring window to acknowledge alarms.
2100477 On new systems, the Incident Manager role can fail to initialize after automatic restarts of the Security Center server.