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Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes

Genetec Mission Control™

The number of incidents Genetec Mission Control™ can handle per minute depends on the number of incident types, the complexity of the incident detection rules and automation workflows, the number of active incidents, and the speed the events are generated in the system.

Genetec Mission Control™ server benchmark

These performance benchmarks are based on a system that meets the following criteria:
Recommended server benchmark
  • System is running on recommended Security Center server requirements.
  • Incident manager role is on the same server as SQL express and RabbitMQ (recommended).
High end server benchmark
Based on a high performance server (SV-2000 series). The values indicated here may vary depending on your actual setup.

For more information on Streamvault™ 2000 series rackmount security appliance, visit the Genetec Inc. website.

Tip: For Security Center server metrics, refer to Security Center server requirements.