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Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes

Genetec Mission Control™

Genetec Mission Control™ includes the following known issues.

Issue First reported in Description
2740509 If server connection is lost when the Incident configuration task is open, on regaining the server connection, the system considers the incident type configuration modified. Discarding the option to save modifications causes an Unhandled exception error.
2740304 When a custom widget has an exception error, the Incident details pane becomes unresponsive.
2739311 Security Center users without TTR Metrics privilege can see TTR notifications in Security Desk.
2738762 When an attempt is made to delete user profiles using the keyboard, a user without the Modify profile properties privileges is asked to confirm action to delete profiles.
2738316 When a sound file used in an automation activity is deleted, there is no warning message for the user about missing sound file in the automation workflow.
2737788 Sometimes Security Desk disconnects because of a System.NullReferenceException connection error to RabbitMQ.
2737754 When the configuration for incident triggers is Triggers > Additional trigger properties > Restrict multiple occurrence to > > One per area and the incident type automation workflow includes an activity to aggregate events, incidents triggered on an entity in a child area are aggregated to the active incident that was triggered on an entity in the parent area.
2697093 When configuring Column color automation activity, the color palette popup does not always collapse automatically.
2696629 In the Incident monitoring task, when clicking one incident and moving on to select another, sometimes both incidents are selected by the system.
2358890 When exporting incidents with aggregated events from Security Desk, the incident export fails if the Export video for aggregated events option is selected in Incident options > Export settings but the incident does not have any attached video.
1962199 2.10 GA Unable to cycle between live and playback streams from the dashboard Camera widget in Incident management.
1940528 2.10 GA Reminder notifications for collaborative incidents are not shown in the supervisor incident tray.
Workaround: Check the Reminder section of the incident dashboard.
1787956 2.9 GA After deleting a user who is the only recipient of a specific incident type, new incidents of that type have an invalid state with no recipients.
Workaround: Configure incidents to fallback to other recipients if no one responds.
1668680 2.10 GA Activating Maintenance mode on the Incident Manager role has no effect.
1184508 2.7 GA Genetec Mission Control™ is not compatible with earlier versions and does not display a warning message when incompatible versions are used together.
1108578 2.10 GA Audit trails: Document changes made in the Document management view of the Incident configuration task, are not reported in the Audit trails task.