Notification tray icons in Config Tool - Security Center 5.8

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.8

Security Center 5.8

The notification tray contains icons that allow quick access to certain system features, and also displays indicators for system events and status information. The notification tray display settings are saved as part of your user profile and apply to both Security Desk and Config Tool.

The following table lists the notification tray icons, and what you can use them for:
Icon Name Description
Clock Shows the local time. Hover your mouse pointer over the clock to see the current date in a tooltip. You can customize the time zone settings.
Resources meter Shows the usage of your computer resources (CPU, memory, GPU, and network). Hover your mouse pointer over the icon to view the usage of resources in percentages. Click to open the Hardware information dialog box to view additional information and troubleshooting hints.
Session info Shows the current username and Security Center Directory name. Double-click to toggle between the long and short display. With the View GUS notifications privilege, the icon also behaves as follows:
  • If software updates are available, or there are other GUS notifications, the icon displays a yellow triangle ().
  • If there are GUS errors, the icon displays a red triangle ().
Click to show the notifications and open GUS from Config Tool.
Volume Shows the volume setting (0 - 100) of Security Desk. Click to adjust the volume using a slider, or to mute the volume.
System messages Shows the number of current system messages (health issues, warnings, messages, and health events). Click to open the System messages dialog box to read and review the messages. If there are health issues, the icon turns red (). If there are warnings, the icon turns yellow. If there are only messages, the icon turns blue. For more information, see Viewing system messages.
Firmware upgrade Appears when there are unit firmware upgrades underway. The upgrade count is displayed over the icon. Click the icon to view the details.
Firmware updates Appears when there are critical firmware updates required. Click the icon to view the details.
Database actions Appears when there are database upgrades underway. The upgrade count is displayed over the icon. Click the icon to view the details.
Add unit status Appears when there are newly added units in the system. The unit count is displayed over the icon. Click the icon to view the details.
Background process Indicates that a process is running in the background, such as a video file export. Click the icon to view more details about the specific process that is running.
Card requests Shows the number of pending requests for credential cards to be printed (). Click to open the Card requests dialog box and respond to the request. For more information, see Responding to credential card requests.
Video file conversion Shows the number of G64 or G64x files currently being converted to ASF or MP4 format. Click to open the Conversion dialog box and view the conversion status. When the icon changes to , the file conversion is complete. For more information, see T_SC_ConvertingG64FilesToASF.html.