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AMAG Symmetry Plugin Guide 3.1

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You can import your AMAG Symmetry credentials into Security Center, and then use those credentials on readers, such as Synergis™ Cloud Link, in Security Center. For a Symmetry credential to be imported, it must meet specific requirements.

Choose a single format for all credentials
Make sure that all AMAG Symmetry readers expect the same format that is configured in the plugin role.
Formats must only contain one or two dynamic values
The format can include a Card Number or a Facility Customer Code and the Card Number, in that order. Any other variation is not supported.
Any number of static values is supported.
Credential values must be unique

Credentials must have a unique card number. If during synchronization, the plugin finds duplicate card numbers, you get a database exception message that states there are duplicate keys.

This might happen if:
  • The format in Symmetry SMS is configured to use the facility customer code, each facility has a duplicate set of card numbers, and in the plugin role's Synchronization page, the setting Include the Facility Customer Code is set to OFF.
  • You already have many credentials in Security Center, and an existing credential has the same card number as an AMAG Symmetry credential. To solve this, change one of the card numbers.
Card number of zero cannot be imported
Security Center cannot import a credential that has a card number of zero because zero is the default value that Symmetry SMS uses to identify cardholders that do not have a credential assigned to them.
During synchronization, the plugin indicates in a synchronization error message that credentials with a value of zero have not been imported.
PINs are not imported
If you have personal identification numbers (PINs) defined for cardholders in Symmetry SMS, they are not imported into Security Center. This means that cardholders cannot use PINs on any readers in the Synergis™ access control system.