Cannot receive AMAG Symmetry events - AMAG Symmetry 3.1

AMAG Symmetry Plugin Guide 3.1

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AMAG Symmetry 3.1
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You notice that events triggered in AMAG Symmetry are not triggered in Security Center.


  • Events are not being sent by Symmetry SMS.
  • Events are set to be ignored in the plugin role.

Solution 1: Make sure events are processed by Symmetry SMS

In Symmetry SMS, you choose if an activity is an alarm, an event, or ignored.

  1. Open Symmetry SMS and make sure the event is being reported.
  2. If the event is not being reported, go to Operation > Alarms > Reporting Selection, and set the required activity to be reported as an event.

Solution 2: Make sure events are processed by Security Center

  1. In Config Tool, open the AMAG Symmetry plugin role, on the Ignored Events tab, make sure that the events you want triggered in Security Center are in the Processed events list.
  2. In Security Desk, open the Monitoring task, and then make sure that the entities for which you want to receive the events are in the Event monitoring list.
  3. In Security Desk
    1. Click Options > Events.
    2. Make sure that Custom event and its Display in tile option are selected.
    3. Expand the Custom event by clicking the > arrow.
    4. Make sure that each missing event and its Display in tile option are selected.
    5. Click Save.

Solution 3: Restart the plugin role, the plugin server, and the proxy service

If your have tried the previous solutions, and the problem persists, try each of the following:

  1. Restart the plugin role.
  2. Restart the server on which the plugin role is running.
  3. Restart the proxy service.