Configuring the AMAG Symmetry plugin role - AMAG Symmetry 3.1

AMAG Symmetry Plugin Guide 3.1

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AMAG Symmetry 3.1
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To configure the AMAG Symmetry plugin role, you must connect the plugin role to the AMAG Symmetry server, configure the proxy service, and configure the alarm recipients and partitions.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. In the Plugins task, select the plugin from the entity browser, and click the Properties tab.

  3. Connect the plugin role to the AMAG Symmetry server by configuring the following fields:
    Enter the hostname or IP address of the server on which the proxy service is installed.
    Enter the port number to connect to the proxy service.

    The default port number is 1312. It must be unblocked on your network.

    Username and Password
    Enter the credentials for a user account in Symmetry SMS. The plugin role must be configured to use the same credentials as the proxy service.
    IMPORTANT: If you change the port number in Config Tool, you must also change it in the proxy configuration file.
  4. In Alarm recipients, select the users or user groups that you want to be notified when alarms are triggered by the plugin.
    NOTE: The users or user groups selected here are the default alarm recipients assigned to the individual AMAG Symmetry alarm entities that are created by the plugin. If this list is empty, alarms are still triggered in Security Center, but no user is notified.
    NOTE: It is possible to add and change recipients for individual alarm entities. However, they will be replaced by the recipient(s) selected in the plugin's Properties page whenever a change is made to the Properties page, Ignored events page, or the Synchronization page. For this reason, it is recommended that you only use the plugin role to define alarm recipients.
  5. In Alarm partitions, select the partitions to which the alarm entities are added when created by the plugin.
    Alarms created by the plugin remain members of these partitions. Partitions added through the Alarms task are removed by the plugin if you modify Alarm partitions again.
  6. Click Apply.
    The AMAG Symmetry entities are imported in Security Center and are added under the AMAG Symmetry plugin in the entity browser. Alarm entities and custom events are also created to match the alarms and events reported by AMAG Symmetry.
    NOTE: The time required for synchronization varies depending on how many entities must be synchronized.
  7. Click Configure proxy.