How AMAG Symmetry events and alarms are displayed in Security Center - AMAG Symmetry 3.1

AMAG Symmetry Plugin Guide 3.1

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When an event or alarm occurs in AMAG Symmetry, the plugin immediately triggers a corresponding event or alarm that either has the same name as the original event or as an native Security Center event.

Symmetry Activities are the source

In Symmetry SMS, you configure activities to be ignored, reported as events, or reported as alarms.

When an AMAG Symmetry event or alarm occurs, it is reported in Security Center when the following conditions are met:

  • The plugin is able to communicate with the AMAG Symmetry server that runs the proxy service.

  • The event or alarm is not configured to be ignored by the plugin.

Symmetry alarms

When an AMAG Symmetry alarm is reported, the plugin triggers a corresponding alarm in Security Center.

Alarms can be acknowledged in Symmetry SMS or Security Center.

When you acknowledge an alarm in Security Center, and the alarm is also acknowledged in Symmetry SMS. Similarly, when you acknowledge an alarm in Symmetry SMS, the acknowledgment is reported in Security Center.

Symmetry events

If one of the systems is unreachable, when connection is reestablished, all missed events, alarms, and alarm acknowledgments are updated on both systems. However, alarms that occurred and were acknowledged while the plugin was disconnected cannot be imported in Security Center, and are therefore not reported in the Alarm monitoring list nor the Alarm report.

When an AMAG Symmetry event occurs, the plugin triggers a corresponding event in Security Center.

The following table shows the AMAG Symmetry events that are mapped to native Security Center events and the related entities. If the incoming event does not correspond to a native event, the plugin triggers a custom event with the exact same name as the originating event. For example, when the Accompany Visitor Request event occurs, the plugin triggers an Accompany Visitor Request event in Security Center.
AMAG Symmetry event Security Center native event Security Center entity
Access Denied

Access Denied - Armed Area

Access Denied - Invalid Area

Access Denied - Invalid Code

Access Denied - Invalid Level

Access Denied - Invalid Time

Access Denied - Prior Access

Access Refused Cardholder, Door
Access Granted Access Granted Cardholder, Door
Door Closed

Door Closed - Key

Door Closed - Key And Keyboard

Door Closed - Keyboard

Door Closed - Switch

Door Closed - With Tamper

Door Closed Door
Door Forced Door Open While Lock Secure Door
Door Held Open Door Opened For Too Long Door
Monitor Point - Normal Input State Normal Input
Monitor Point - In Alarm Input State Active Input