Investigating past events from AMAG Symmetry - AMAG Symmetry 3.1

AMAG Symmetry Plugin Guide 3.1

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You can investigate past events and alarms from AMAG Symmetry in several of the reports available in Security Desk.

What you should know

The following table lists the Security Desk reports that you can use to investigate AMAG Symmetry activities, events and alarms.

For more information about the purpose, content, and use of these investigation reports, refer to the Security Center User Guide or press F1 in Security Desk to access the online help.

Security Desk investigation report Where to find more information
Cardholder activities Investigating cardholder events
Door activities Investigating door events
Area activities AMAG Symmetry events that are unrelated to doors (readers), areas, cardholders, visitors, or access control units are captured in the Area activities report.

Investigating area events

Alarm report Investigating current and past alarms
NOTE: If an alarm occurs and is acknowledged while the plugin is disconnected from AMAG Symmetry, it cannot be imported in Security Center, so it is not reported in the Alarm report.