What is the AMAG Symmetry plugin? - AMAG Symmetry 3.1

AMAG Symmetry Plugin Guide 3.1

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AMAG Symmetry 3.1
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The AMAG Symmetry plugin integrates your AMAG Symmetry access control system with Security Center.

You can use the plugin to do the following:
  • Connect to AMAG Symmetry access control systems.
  • Automatically and manually synchronize the AMAG Symmetry entities, devices, alarms, and events in Security Center.
  • Receive live updates of all synchronized entities.
  • View the synchronization status of AMAG Symmetry entities, alarms, and events in Config Tool.
  • Display live access control events from AMAG Symmetry in Security Desk with detailed cardholder information.
  • Assign Security Center cameras to AMAG Symmetry doors so that you can view related video.
  • Monitor live and playback video related to access control events received from AMAG Symmetry in the Monitoring task of Security Desk.
  • View the current state of AMAG Symmetry entities in the Monitoring task; for example, see if a door is open or closed.
  • Monitor and acknowledge AMAG Symmetry alarms using the Alarm monitoring task in Security Desk.
  • Manually trigger actions on AMAG Symmetry entities from Security Desk, such as locking and unlocking doors.
  • Automatically trigger actions and outputs in AMAG Symmetry using hot actions, event-to-actions, and scheduled tasks.
  • Configure event to actions in Security Center using AMAG Symmetry events and alarms.
  • Generate Security Center reports to search for past AMAG Symmetry events and alarms.