Configuring Security Center Federation™ across different networks - Security Center 5.9 - 5.10

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Security Center 5.9 - 5.10
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To federate a Security Center system on a different network from the Federation™ host, you must configure the networks so the systems can communicate properly.

What you should know

This information used to be found in the deprecated knowledge base article KBA-01182.


  1. Work with your network administrators to ensure that the following ports are open on both systems and are redirected to the main servers:
    • Connection to remote Security Center Directory: TCP 5500a
    • Communication with Media Router: TCP 554
    • Live and playback video stream requests: TCP 560 and TCP 960b

    a Use TCP 4502 for systems upgraded from Security Center 5.3 or earlier.

    b Use TCP 5004 for systems upgraded from Security Center 5.6 or 5.7.

  2. If your systems use public IP addresses, specify the public IP address for the main server on both systems:
    1. In Server Admin, select the main server.
    2. In the Network section, type the public server IP address or hostname in the Public address field.
    3. Click Save.
  3. In the Network view task on both systems, configure the networks according to where your Security Desk workstation is located.