Scenario 2: Security Desk on Federation™ host network without access to federated system - Security Center 5.9 - 5.10

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If your Security Desk workstation is on the Federation™ host network and cannot receive video directly from the federated system, use this network configuration.

IMPORTANT: The following scenario explains one possible network configuration for Security Center Federation™. Your requirements might differ depending on the number of servers you have, your network specifications, and how you route video.

For more information, see your network administrator or contact Genetec™ Technical Support.

Assumptions about your setup

  • The Federation™ host is federating one remote system on a different network.
  • You are logged on to the Directory of the Federation™ host from a Security Desk workstation on the same network.
  • The Media Router and redirector on the federated system are not directly accessible from your Security Desk workstation, so you are receiving video from the redirector on the Federation™ host. You must ensure that the Media Routers and redirectors from both sites can communicate with each other.
  • No public IPs are required.

Architecture overview

Your system setup looks like this:

Network view on Federation™ host

In this scenario, the networks on the Federation™ host system are configured in the Network view task as follows:

  • The main network for the Federation™ host system is called Network.
  • The federated network (VM16930 - Security Center Federation™) is nested under the main network, and the main network is the only end point configured for the federated video.

Network view on federated system

In this scenario, the networks on the federated system are configured in the Network view task as follows:

  • There is no special configuration in the Network view task.