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A hotlist is a list of the vehicles that you want to identify and investigate. You can create one or more hotlists in the AutoVu Cloudrunner™ system.

When a license plate is detected by an ALPR camera, the plate number is matched against all active hotlists in the AutoVu Cloudrunner™ system. Positive matches (hits) are highlighted in Live monitoring task and Vehicle Search report.
  • Only users with Manage hotlists privileges can access hotlists.
  • A hotlist text file contains a list of plate numbers of each vehicle you want to monitor.
  • A valid entry in the text file must contain the plate number followed by a semicolon. If the entry includes the plate state, add it after the semicolon, for example, ABC123; and ABC123;CA are both valid entries.
  • You can create multiple hotlists for different purposes, for example, amber alerts, wanted vehicles, or stolen vehicles.
  • You can delete a plate number from a hotlist in AutoVu Cloudrunner™. To add a plate number, you must update and re-import the plate list text file. For more information, see Modifying hotlists.
  • NOTE: AutoVu Cloudrunner™ tries to account for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) errors for characters that looks similar, such as 8 and B. For example, if the hotlist includes the plate number ABC123, and the ALPR camera detects the plate, but incorrectly reads A8C123, it will still generate a hit for ABC123.

In the following example, each entry in the license plate TXT file contains the license plate number, followed by a semicolon, followed by the plate state.

Hotlist status

The following table describes the different statuses available for a hotlist:
Status Displayed when
Ready All the entries in the hotlist are valid.
NOTE: This is the default status when you create a new hotlist with no entries.
In Progress There is a huge volume of entries to be processed.
Warning There are some invalid entries in the hotlist.
Error There are no valid entries in the hotlist.
NOTE: You need to manually refresh the page to view the current hotlist status.