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To investigate the ALPR events captured by a specific camera, you must first configure the ALPR camera details.

Before you begin

Ensure that the required ALPR cameras are properly installed and have an internet connection established. For more information, contact your Genetec Inc. representative.


  1. Log on to the AutoVu Cloudrunner™ portal.
  2. Click Configuration > External connections > ALPR cameras.
    The cameras that are configured in your system are listed.
  3. Click the camera you want to configure.
  4. In the General section, do the following:
    Enter the name of the camera.
    Drag the marker or double-click to set the location of the device.
  5. In the Device info section, you can view the following details:
    The type of ALPR camera configured at the location.
    Date added
    The date when the ALPR camera was added.
    Serial number
    The serial number of the ALPR camera.
    MAC Address
    The MAC address of the ALPR camera.
  6. Click Save or Cancel.