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To be compliant with the data privacy laws, you must first configure the data retention policies.

Before you begin

To configure the values, ensure that you have the Manage data policies privilege granted. For information on how to grant the privilege, see Configuring users.

What you should know

NOTE: The retention period of the read events cannot exceed the retention period set for hit events.


  1. Log on to AutoVu Cloudrunner™ portal.
  2. Click Configuration > Settings > Data policies.
    The retention policy settings are displayed. The maximum retention period is 90 days. To increase the limit, please contact your Genetec Inc. sales agent.
  3. To change the data retention period settings for Vehicle reads or Vehicle hits, do the following:
    1. Select the unit of time: Days or Hours.
    2. Enter or adjust the numeric value accordingly.
    NOTE: When you reduce the values, a warning message pops up to explain the impact of the changes. Click Confirm if you want to proceed with the modified values.
  4. Click Save.