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AutoVu Cloudrunner™

AutoVu Cloudrunner™ is a cloud-based vehicle-centric investigation platform. In its current version, it facilitates law enforcement agencies with license plate reporting functionality.

AutoVu Cloudrunner™ provides ALPR functionality for law enforcement officials, such as police departments, campus security, and home owner's associations that require a hosted (SaaS) solution. Functionality includes:
  • Live monitoring
  • Vehicle search report
  • Hotlist hit alerts
  • Plate list management
  • Export reports
  • ALPR device management
Monitoring live ALPR events

Advantages of AutoVu Cloudrunner™

  • Built using a privacy-by-design principle
  • Access the system from any web-enabled device
  • Simplified camera installation process
  • Minimal infrastructure to maintain
  • Benefit from over-the-air updates and background installations