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When you install the AutoVu™ Free-Flow Dashboard plugin, you can use the Parking Occupancy task in Security Desk to generate a graphical report that shows you occupancy information for the AutoVu™ Free-Flow parking zones in your system.

You can customize the information that is displayed in the Parking Occupancy task. You can show or hide information from any of the parking zones that you have added in the Config Tool Area View task, and you can customize the graph to show only the information you require. For example, you can show or hide vehicle counts and violation counts, and you can choose to display occupancy as a percentage or by the total number of vehicles in each parking zone.

The information provided in the Parking Occupancy task can help you manage your parking zones more efficiently. For example, you can decide whether to open a certain parking zone earlier in the day based on its volume history, or you can decide whether a parking zone should be patrolled more often based on the number of parking violations.