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If you order a black SharpV, it is shipped with a sunshield that is pre-installed on the camera. To avoid damaging the SharpV, you must use the correct mounting screws.

WARNING: For top-mounted installations, when attaching the SharpV to the provided mounting bracket, you must remove the 16 mm bolts and use the provided 25 mm bolts.
WARNING: If you remove the sunshield, discard the 25 mm bolts. Using the 25 mm bolts without the sunshield can damage the mounting hole threads. Genetec Inc. does not honor warranty claims for stripped mounting holes.

A Mounting bolts Use 25 mm bolts only when mounting a SharpV, that has a sunshield, in the top-mounted position.
B Sunshield Sunshields are included for black SharpV cameras and are required for outdoor installations.