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A Videotec WBJA (white) or WBJF (black) mounting bracket is included with the SharpV. If the provided bracket is not suitable for the installation, you can purchase a suitable bracket from a Videotec reseller.

Compatible Videotec mounts

For a full list of compatible Videotec mounting brackets, see the Videotec brackets datasheet.

IMPORTANT: If you purchase a Videotec mounting bracket, ensure that the mounting plate of the bracket you have selected has the same thickness as the provided bracket (WBJA/WBJF). If required, add washers to shim accordingly, so that you do not exceed the maximum bolt depth of 9.5 mm (0.37 in.).
The following Videotec mounts are compatible with the SharpV mounting holes:
Camera mount Description
WBJA Housing wall bracket with ball joint (white)

Available from Genetec Inc.

WBJF Housing wall bracket with ball joint (black)

Available from Genetec Inc.

WFWCA Parapet mount with ball joint
WCM3A Ceiling bracket with ball joint
WCM5A Ceiling mount with ball joint
WCPA Wall bracket adapting plate
WCWA Corner adapter for WBJA, WBMA, WBOVA2, PTAC
WSFPA WBJA, WBMA, WBOVA2, PTAC pole-mount adapter
DBHWGC Pole adapter diameter in the range of 8.2 - 8.85 in (210 - 225 mm). Requires WCPA for housing installation with WBOV2 or WBJA.

For information about compatible Videotec mounts, contact your Videotec representative:

Tel: +1 518-825-0020
Email: info.usa@videotec.com
Tel: 852 2333 0601
Email: info.hk@videotec.com
Tel: 39 0445 697411
Email: info@videotec.com
France and French-speaking countries in Africa
Tel: 33 1 60491816
Email: info.fr@videotec.com

For a full list of contacts, see http://www.videotec.com/en/page_556.html.