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The SharpV is shipped with an IP67-rated network cable plug that must be used to weatherproof the network cable termination in outdoor installations. To ensure that the SharpV maintains its IP67 weather rating, you must follow the recommended procedure when assembling and connecting the network cable plug.

What you should know

  • The network cable must provide Power-over-Ethernet according to 802.3at Type 2 (25.5 W) standards. For more information, see Network cable requirements for SharpV cameras.
  • One RJ45 connector is included with the network cable plug. The plug supports standard shielded or unshielded RJ45 connectors.


  1. Pass the cable through the cable sealing nut and the network cable plug.
    IMPORTANT: You must do this before creating the RJ45 termination.
  2. Terminate the network cable with a straight-through EIA-568A or EIA-568B conductor arrangement.
    Pin # EIA-T568A Pin # EIA-T568B  
    1 White/Green 1 White/Orange

    2 Green 2 Orange
    3 White/Orange 3 White/Green
    4 Blue 4 Blue
    5 White/Blue 5 White/Blue
    6 Orange 6 Green
    7 White/Brown 7 White/Brown
    8 Brown 8 Brown
  3. Press the locking tab of the RJ45 connector and align it with the wide slot of the plug housing. Gently pull the cable until the RJ45 connector is fully seated in the plug housing.
  4. Thread the cable sealing nut onto the network cable plug. For a standard CAT cable between 4 mm and 7 mm, use two wrenches to fully tighten the connection. If you are installing a CAT cable with a larger diameter, tighten to a maximum of 3.4 Nm (30 lbf-in).
    WARNING: Tightening the nut while the network cable plug is connected to the SharpV camera can break the plug and allow water to enter the camera.
  5. To connect the network cable plug to the camera's network cable port, turn the plug by hand until you hear a click.
    WARNING: Do not use a wrench to tighten the connection.