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Use the mounting bracket that is provided with your SharpV camera to mount the camera in either the top-mounted or bottom-mounted position.

IMPORTANT: Before mounting the camera, make sure that the installation distance and angle respect the SharpV requirements. See Plate read distances for SharpV lenses.

Mounting specifications

The supported mounting brackets use the following hole pattern:

Hardware Specification
Mounting bolts Type M6 x 1mm
Mounting hole distance 70 mm (2.76 in.)
Mounting hole depth 9.5 mm (0.37 in.)

  • The SharpV body is made of cast aluminum. Using excessive force when tightening the mounting bolts can strip the threads and permanently damage the camera.
  • If you are installing a black SharpV, two sets of mounting bolts are provided. The longer (25 mm) bolts must only be used for top-mounted installations that include the sunshield. The sunshield is required for black SharpV cameras that are installed outdoors.
    WARNING: Only use the longer bolts for top-mounted installations that include the sunshield.
  • Always install the provided external serrated lock washers between the bolt head and the flat washer.
    WARNING: Failure to install the provided lock washers might cause the mouting bolts to loosen over time. Genetec Inc. is not responsible for any injury resulting from improper mounting.
  • The maximum depth of the mounting holes is 9.5 mm (0.37 in.). If you are not using the camera mount that is provided, you must calculate the required length of the mounting bolts to ensure that they penetrate the camera body to a depth in the range 6 mm - 9.5 mm (.24 in. - 0.37 in.). For information about the length of mounting bolts, see About the SharpV sunshield.
    WARNING: The camera body can be permanently damaged if you exceed the recommended bolt penetration depth.
  • When tightening the mounting bolts, ensure that the torque does not exceed 4N-m (3ft-lb).
    WARNING: The camera body can be permanently damaged if you exceed the maximum bolt torque.


The SharpV camera includes t-slots on the side of the camera that support M5 bolts. You can use the t-slots to implement a custom mounting solution.