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AutoVu Handbook for SharpV Fixed Installations 12.6

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SharpV | SharpOS 12.6
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The Maintenance page is available from the Configuration menu. Use the Maintenance page to free up disk space, import and export settings, and restart the SharpV.

  • Image
    Displays the current image/firmware installed.
  • Version
    Displays the SharpOS version installed.
  • Reclaim disk space
    Displays the amount of disk space that can be freed up by deleting log files, cache files, and stored reads. Click Free up space to reclaim the space displayed.
    IMPORTANT: Do not click Free up space if you think there are any untransmitted reads stored on the SharpV that you want to keep.
  • Update
    Click to update the SharpOS.


Export settings
Click to export configuration and diagnostic settings as a .zip file. You can use the .zip file for technical support, or you can import the settings to another Sharp unit for quick configuration
Import settings
Imports configuration settings from a .zip file exported from another Sharp. You can use this .zip file to quickly configure your Sharp. After you import the settings, the Plate Reader service restarts automatically.
IMPORTANT: You can only import settings from a similar Sharp (same model and SharpOS version).
Reset to factory default
Click to reset the SharpV to use the factory default settings.


Use Syslog server
Select this option to configure a central repository for all SharpV log entries.
  • Server
    Enter the name of the server.
  • Port
    Enter the name of the port.
  • Network protocol
    Select UDP or TCP.

Reboot unit: Click to restart the SharpV.