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The SharpV includes two inputs and two outputs (I/O). You can configure the SharpV to use an input signal to trigger a license plate read. When using the SharpV in conjunction with Security Center, you can create event-to-actions so that inputs and outputs react to system events.

SharpV I/O specifications

Hardware Specification
Number of inputs 2
Input rating 0 VDC - 30 VDC
Guaranteed ON state threshold 5.75 V
Guaranteed OFF state threshold 4.80 V
Overvoltage protection Included
Reverse voltage protection Included
Input type Opto-isolated, DC polarized
Number of outputs 2
Output rating 30 V / 100 mA
On-state voltage Von = <1.0 V @ 2 mA

Von = <2.5 V @ 100 mA

Overcurrent (overload) protection Included
Reverse voltage protection Included
Output type Opto-isolated, dry

I/O cable specifications

Hardware Specification
Cable diameter The I/O cable assembly is compatible with cable diameters in the range 4 - 8 mm (0.16 - 0.31 in.).
NOTE: Two different cable seals are included with the I/O cable assembly. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions to determine which seal to install for the diameter of cable you are using.
Wire gauge The I/O cable assembly can support a maximum wire gauge of 20 AWG. The cable's voltage rating must be suitable for the SharpV I/O specifications and must conform to electrical codes in your region.
Weather rating The cable must be waterproof, UV resistant, and must be rated for outdoor installation in accordance with your region.

Lightning protection

The SharpV I/O cable port includes basic lightning surge protection. For installations in areas that are subject to frequent high-energy lightning surges, it is recommended that you protect the I/O cable using one or more of the following additional protective measures:
  • A shielded cable with the shield grounded at the I/O device.
  • An external lightning protector for I/Os that complies with the normal voltage range of the circuits to which the I/Os are connected.

I/O cable termination

Terminate the I/O cable with the I/O cable assembly, according to the instructions included with the hardware.

The following pinout diagram corresponds to the SharpV inputs and outputs:

I/O cable assembly pin number SharpV input or output
Pin #1 Output 1 +
Pin #2 Output 1 -
Pin #3 Output 2 +
Pin #4 Output 2 -
Pin #5 Input 1 +
Pin #6 Input 1 -
Pin #7 Input 2 +
Pin #8 Input 2 -


In this example, the signal from the inground loop is used to trigger the gate after a plate read. To configure the SharpV inputs and outputs to perform this function, you must create event-to-actions for license plate reads in Security Center. For more information, see Creating event-to-actions for Sharp-related events.

Component Description
A Output signal to the gate controller from SharpV output 1 or 2
B Input signal from the inground loop to SharpV input 1 or 2
C Inground loop (input device)
D Gate (output device)