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To achieve the most accurate plate reads, you must install the SharpV camera at the correct angle and distance from the area where you expect vehicles to pass.

Consider the following when selecting a position for the SharpV camera:

Camera angle:

To capture plates on vehicles that are traveling at high speeds, such as on a highway, reduce the camera’s horizontal and vertical angles. Reducing the angles increases the amount of time a vehicle remains in the camera’s field of view and increases the chances of a successful plate read. The angle of the camera can deviate from a straight-on view by up to 30° vertically and up to 50° horizontally.

Distance from plate:

Because the SharpV camera has an adjustable zoom and focus, you can install the camera within a certain distance of the plate read location you have chosen. Using the SharpV Portal, you must then adjust the zoom and focus so that license plate characters are the correct size (pixel height) for accurate plate reads. For more information about setting the zoom and focus, see Calibrating the SharpV zoom and focus.

The SharpV is available with lens and illuminator combinations to support the following reading ranges:
Capture plate reads at a distance of 2.75 - 18.25 m (9 - 60 ft) from the camera.
Capture plate reads at a distance of 18.2535 m (60 - 115 ft) from the camera.