AutoVu™ car camera switch wiring diagram - SharpX X1S, X2S, X1S-CN, X2S-CN, XSU

AutoVu Hardware Guide for SharpX Mobile Installation

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SharpX X1S, X2S, X1S-CN, X2S-CN, XSU
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To control SharpX camera selection using the AutoVu™ car camera switch, you must connect the switch to a camera port and the Aux inputs of the LPR Processing Unit.

Important information:
  • The car camera switch is compatible with LPR Processing Units running SharpOS version 11.5 or higher.
  • For a two-camera system, choose an available camera port for the car switch connection. For a four-camera system, the car switch must share a camera port with a SharpX camera. In such cases, use larger ferrules to account for the additional wires.
  • The cable's blue and pink wires are not used in a car camera switch installation. Trim these wires as required so that they do not interfere with the installation.
  • Two 24 AWG jumper wires (shown in black) are required, but are not provided with the kit.

Make the connections to the LPR Processing Unit as shown in the following wiring diagram: