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The procedure for mounting the LPR Processing Unit in a vehicle depends on many factors. You must consider space restrictions and protecting the unit from impact. You must also have the correct mounting hardware to account for installations on carpet, metal, or plywood.

Consider the following best practices when planning the LPR Processing Unit installation.

General recommendations:

  • The LPR Processing Unit must have adequate ventilation around the heat dissipation fins.
  • Make sure that there is nothing vital (for example, break lines or the fuel tank) that could be damaged when screwing the mounting bracket to the vehicle.
  • A cable rack is included with the mounting bracket. Installing the cable rack and securing cables with tie wraps will help to protect the cable connections from damage.
  • Attach the bracket to the vehicle using screws that are at least a #10 pan head. The screws must be long enough to secure the hardware, but short enough not to damage any vehicle components under the mounting location.
  • Attach the wire rack and mounting brackets to the LPR Processing Unit using the supplied flat washers, Belleville washers, and hexagonal head cap screws as shown in the documentation that is included with the mounting bracket.

Hardware orientation:

  • To ensure adequate heat dissipation, do not mount the LPR Processing Unit upside down.

Horizontal mount:

  • If you are mounting the LPR Processing Unit under a seat, remove the seat to gain access to the mounting location.
  • If you are mounting the LPR Processing Unit under a seat, mounting the unit with the cable connections pointing to the side will help to protect the connections.

Horizontal mount (flanges in):

  • The standard horizontal mounting brackets can be installed with the mounting flanges pointing outward. This is the easier method, but depending upon your installation needs, the flanges can also be tucked under the LPR Processing Unit. If you are installing the bracket this way, keep in mind that you will need to install the brackets first. This is because the mounting holes will not be accessible if the LPR Processing Unit is connected to the bracket.

  • To install the LPR Processing Unit with the flanges pointing in, you will need a template so that you can accurately mark the mounting holes. Create a template with the following measurements:

    LPR Processing Unit: Mounting measurements

Vertical mount:

  • When selecting an installation location, take into account that you must leave enough space to easily access the mounting screws with a wrench.
  • Install the vertical bracket before you attach the LPR Processing Unit to the bracket.

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