Camera connections for the X1S/X1SU LPR Processing Unit - SharpX X1S, X2S, X1S-CN, X2S-CN, XSU

AutoVu Hardware Guide for SharpX Mobile Installation

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SharpX X1S, X2S, X1S-CN, X2S-CN, XSU
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The recommended camera port assignments depend on the model of LPR Processing Unit and SharpX cameras being used.

On X1S/X1SU LPR Processing Units, each hardware path is shared by two camera ports. This does not affect VGA SharpX cameras, but it causes a limitation when connecting XGA SharpX cameras. In order for XGA cameras to achieve a frame rate of 30 fps, they cannot share a hardware path with any other cameras.
If you are using one XGA cameras and one VGA camera on an X1S/X1SU LPR Processing unit, connect one camera to each hardware path to balance the load and maintain a higher frame rate for the XGA camera (30 fps).

If an XGA camera shares a hardware path with another camera, it will result in a frame rate drop to 10 fps for the XGA camera.