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For installations using a hardmounted camera, you can drill the camera cable hole in the roof of the vehicle after you have decided the location for the camera hardmount.

Before you begin


  1. Place a cable gland (outer diameter 1.9 cm (.75 in.), inner diameter .95 cm (.37 in.)) on the section of your vehicle’s roof where you intend to pass the camera cables and satellite navigation hardware cable, if applicable. Use a pencil or other marker to trace the outline of the cable glands.
    IMPORTANT: Ensure that the holes you drill for the camera cables are slightly smaller than the outline of the cable glands, otherwise the cable gland collars won’t grip your vehicle’s roof.
  2. Verify that both sides of the roof are clear of anything that could be damaged, and then drill a hole into the areas that you marked in the previous steps.
    IMPORTANT: Use a fine-toothed hole saw that is designed for vehicle body panels (should be depth-regulated and include a pilot drill bit). Do not use a stepping bit because it will deform the panel.
  3. Deburr the holes to remove any metal shards or remnants.
  4. Install the cable gland in the camera cable hole.
  5. Pass the camera cable through the cable gland.
    Leave approximately 20 cm (8 in.) of cable to allow the connection to the camera. A simple distance check is to lay the cable across the hardmount plate. The tip of the connector should reach to the far side of the plate. This will ensure that you have a proper loop for connecting to the camera.


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