LED statuses on the SharpX camera unit - SharpX X1S, X2S, X1S-CN, X2S-CN, XSU

AutoVu Hardware Guide for SharpX Mobile Installation

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SharpX X1S, X2S, X1S-CN, X2S-CN, XSU
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The LED on the SharpX camera unit responds differently, depending on the status of the system.

The following table describes how the SharpX camera unit’s LED behaves in response to the SharpX system’s status:
State Description LED (red/green)
Off Unit is powered off Off
Reflash The unit has failed an integrity test on the contents of the control board flash memory. It waits for a reflash to be performed over the network. Green (steady)
Get DHCP The unit is waiting for a DHCP lease over the network (either from the LPR Processing Unit or an external server, depending on configuration). Blinks green rapidly (e.g. twice per second).
Normal The camera is running normally. Flashes green briefly every second.
Covert The camera is configured in covert mode. It will still blink green a couple of times at power-up. Off
Thermal Shutdown The internal temperature is outside the operational limits. Power is no longer supplied to most components. No Ethernet network connectivity is possible. Red blink every second.
Illuminator Fault An abnormal condition was detected with the illumination. Depending on the fault, the unit may run in degraded mode (some LEDs shut off), or the illuminator may be completely disabled. Blinks red rapidly (e.g. twice per second).
Firmware Fault A critical fault was detected in the control board microcontroller. Red (steady)
Firmware update request The camera unit firmware update is beginning shortly. The unit will restart after completion (five minutes max).

Green steady On

Toggles Red three times

Ongoing Firmware Update The camera unit is being updated and it will reset after completion (normally 10~20 seconds, max 5 min). Blinks green rapidly (e.g., 10 per second)