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AutoVu Hardware Guide for SharpX Mobile Installation

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SharpX X1S, X2S, X1S-CN, X2S-CN, XSU
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To configure Sharp cameras for fixed or mobile AutoVu™ systems, you must first log on to the Sharp Portal.

Before you begin

You need to know the IP address or name of the Sharp camera you want to connect to:
Sharp IP address
The default IP address is
SharpX IP addresses
The default IP addresses are for SBC1, and for SBC2 (if applicable).
NOTE: SBC2 only applies if you have a SharpX system that includes an X2S/X2SU LPR Processing unit.
Sharp name
The Sharp name (e.g. Sharp1234) is on the label under the Sharp’s visor.
SharpX name
The SharpX name (e.g. SharpX1234) is on the LPR Processing Unit.

What you should know

There is an important difference between connecting to a Sharp and connecting to a SharpX. For SharpX units, the Sharp Portal does not connect to the SharpX itself, but rather to the single board computer (SBC) inside the LPR Processing Unit that controls the SharpX camera. This is a crucial distinction if you are using an X2S/X2SU LPR Processing Unit, because it has two internal SBCs (one SBC can control two SharpX cameras). This means that you will need to open a separate Sharp Portal web page for each SBC.

Example: You have an AutoVu™ mobile configuration that includes three SharpX cameras connected to an X2SU LPR Processing Unit. Two of the cameras are controlled by one of the SBCs, and the third camera is controlled by the other SBC. On the back of an X2SU LPR Processing Unit, there is a printed label that has two Sharp names (e.g. SharpXS1000 and SharpXS1001). These are the names that correspond to the SBCs inside the unit. Therefore, to configure the SharpX cameras connected to ports 1 and 2, you must log on to http://SharpXS1000/portal/, and to configure the SharpX camera connected to port 3, you must log on to http://SharpXS1001/portal/.


  1. Open your Web browser, and go to http://<Sharp name or IP address>/portal.
    • If the Sharp camera’s IP address is, enter
    • If the Sharp camera’s name is Sharp1234, enter http://Sharp1234/portal/.
  2. Enter the default password “Genetec” (case-sensitive).
    Best Practice: After you log on, change the default password.
  3. Select your language, then do one of the following:
    • Click OK or press Enter on your keyboard to log on in regular mode.
    • Press Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard to log on in Advanced mode, which gives you access to additional settings not found in regular mode.
  4. To log off, save your changes, and then close your web browser.


The Sharp Portal opens to the Status page.