Preparing to install SharpX mobile hardware - SharpX X1S, X2S, X1S-CN, X2S-CN, XSU

AutoVu Hardware Guide for SharpX Mobile Installation

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SharpX X1S, X2S, X1S-CN, X2S-CN, XSU
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There are many aspects to an AutoVu hardware installation. Before installing the hardware, familiarize yourself with the relevant documentation and make sure that you have all of the required components.

What you should know

WARNING: Only AutoVu-certified personnel should setup and install AutoVu systems. Read all of the procedures in this guide before installing an AutoVu fixed or mobile system. Failure to follow the supplied instructions or information may result in loss of data or damage to hardware and will void the warranty.


  1. Read the AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes and the AutoVu™ SharpX spec sheet.
  2. Read deployment documentation (Deployment Questionnaire and Scope of Work) from your initial site evaluation.
    Consult your vehicle’s owner manual if you have any questions about your vehicle’s wiring or operation.
  3. Inspect the vehicle before beginning the installation, checking its functionality (lights, engine light, etc.) and verifying that it is in good working condition.
  4. Ensure that you have all of the required tools and parts for the installation.
  5. Inspect all the AutoVu™ components delivered to site for the installation. Ensure that there are no missing or defective components.
    If any components are missing, please notify your Genetec Inc. representative within 30 days.