Configuring your Genetec Patroller™ options - Genetec Patroller™ 6.4

AutoVu Patroller MLPI User Guide 6.4

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Genetec Patroller™ 6.4
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Genetec Patroller™

To adjust the context camera according to the weather, or set basic volume settings, you can configure your Genetec Patroller™ options from the Options screen.


  1. In the main Genetec Patroller™ window, tap Options.
    NOTE: The following screenshot is an example. The information displayed in the window varies depending on the Genetec Patroller™ mode you are running.

  2. Configure the following options:
    Adjust or mute the volume of Genetec Patroller™ sounds (e.g. reads, hits etc).
    Map behavior
    Tap if you want the Genetec Patroller™ to rotate as it changes direction (map always points north), or tap if you want the map to rotate as Genetec Patroller™ changes direction (Genetec Patroller™ always points to the top of the screen).
    NOTE: If Genetec Patroller™ was installed without maps or you are running MLPI mode, this option is not available.
    (Not required for SharpX cameras) Adjust the context camera for sunny or cloudy weather (e.g. on a cloudy day or at sunset, select the cloudy setting to increase the minimal exposure time and allow more light into the camera). This results in better image quality in low light environments.
  3. Close the Options screen.