Resolved issues in AutoVu™ SharpOS 11.7 GA - SharpOS 11.7 GA

AutoVu SharpOS Release Notes 11.7 GA

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SharpOS 11.7 GA
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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

AutoVu™ SharpOS 11.7 GA includes the following resolved issues:

Issue Description
1925909 When an LPR Processing Unit is in DHCP mode, if the DHCP server is not ready when the LPR Processing Unit starts up, the configurations for the setting to enable high definition context images and the setting to enable tire cameras are lost and must be reconfigured.
1244739 From the Sharp Portal, when you synchronize the LPR Processing Unit clock with the in-vehicle computer's clock, the day and month values in the date format are inverted in LPR Processing Unit clock and in plate reads.