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AutoVu SharpOS Release Notes 11.7 GA

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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

SharpOS is the software component of a Sharp or SharpX unit. SharpOS is responsible for everything related to plate capture, collection, processing, and analytics. For example, a SharpOS update can include new LPR contexts, new firmware, Sharp Portal updates, and updates to the Sharp's Windows services (Plate Reader, HAL, updater service, and so on).
AutoVu™ SharpOS 11.7 GA is a general availability release. The following articles describe the release in detail as it applies specifically to AutoVu™ hardware components. This can include information about the following:
  • LPR contexts
  • Sharp or SharpX hardware, including the LPR Processing Unit
  • Sharp Portal
  • Sharp or SharpX firmware
  • Plate Reader and other related services

AutoVu™ SharpOS 11.7 GA includes the following new features:

SharpOS is now powered by machine learning:
The performance of SharpX systems has been greatly improved with the introduction of the AutoVu™ Machine Learning Core (AutoVu™ MLC). The AutoVu™ MLC improves the system’s ability to classify license plates and to perform character recognition.

Although off-the-shelf machine learning solutions are commercially available for LPR, their results can be unpredictable. With our hardware and software engineering expertise, we have built the AutoVu™ MLC from the ground up. This includes developing a deep neural network (DNN), training the system with Sharp camera images, and optimizing the system to run on existing LPR Processing Unit hardware. As a result, depending on the regional contexts, you can expect up to a 50% reduction in plate capture errors and character recognition errors when compared to widely used classical algorithms. The AutoVu™ MLC represents a significant reduction in the time that operators spend manually correcting plate reads.

As the AutoVu™ MLC continues to develop, we will apply it to more aspects of the LPR process. You will be able to take advantage of these improvements with future SharpOS releases.

AutoVu™ MLC improves LPR performance for the following regions:
  • North America:
    • Increased capture rate
    • Increased read rate
    • Decreased false positive reads
  • Europe:
    • Increased read rate
New LPR contexts
License plate recognition has been added for the following license plates:
  • Monaco
  • Sweden