What's new in AutoVu™ SharpOS 11.7 SR1 - SharpOS 11.7 SR1

AutoVu SharpOS Release Notes 11.7 SR1

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SharpOS 11.7 SR1
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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

AutoVu™ SharpOS 11.7 SR1 includes the following new features:

GPS coordinates included with HTTP and FTP exports
For AutoVu™ systems that are configured to export license plate reads to an HTTP or FTP server, the following information is now available in the exported reads:
The vehicle's direction of travel in degrees from north.
The vehicle's speed in km/h.
The quality of the GPS position according to NMEA standards. The following values are exported:
  • 0 = invalid
  • 1 = GPS fix (SPS)
  • 2 = DGPS fix
  • 6 = estimated (dead reckoning)
Security enhancements
General enhancements have been made to improve the security of the AutoVu™ system.
New LPR contexts
License plate recognition has been added for the following license plates:
  • ArgentinaMulti: Supports standard and motorcycle plates.
  • Contexts WithPrex: Certain LPR contexts now include a WithPrefix version. These contexts include characters that are present on the plate, but are separate from the license plate read. The following WithPrefix contexts are now available:
    • Abu Dhabi WithPrefix
    • Dubai WithPrefix
    • Sharjah WithPrefix
    • United Arab Emirates WithPrefix
  • Washington State: Now includes specialized LPR contexts available for ABMER (590 nm) and IR (850nm) illuminators.