What's new in AutoVu™ SharpOS 11.8 GA - SharpOS 11.8 GA

AutoVu SharpOS Release Notes 11.8 GA

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SharpOS 11.8 GA
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AutoVu™ SharpOS 11.8 GA includes the following new features:

Improved AutoVu™ MLC
AutoVu™ Machine Learning Core (MLC) has been enhanced to provide the following improvements:
Plate origin recognition
The system can now more accurately detect the state or province origin for license plates from North America.
Improved LPR performance for multiple regions
The LPR performance has been improved for the following regions:
  • Europe:
    • Increased capture rates
    • Increased read rates
    • Decreased false positive reads
  • United Arab Emirates:
    • Increased read rates
    • Decreased false positives
Enhanced LPR context
License plate recognition has been enhanced for the following regions:
The Denmark context has improved recognition of license plates.
The Tennessee context now supports stacked characters.