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Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

AutoVu™ SharpOS 12.7 GA has the following known issues:

Issue Description
2155651 When a SharpV is updated to SharpOS 12.7 or later, diagnostic logs stored on the unit are no longer available.
2150732 The Virtual loop feature can sometimes generate NOPLATE events for vehicles that are passing perpendicular to the camera. Events should only be generated for vehicles moving towards or away from the camera.
2148435 When using the Record feature in the Sharp Portal Camera feeds page, no indication is given that recording has stopped after the configured recording duration time has elapsed. You must click Stop recording to return to the live feed.
2147689 When you configure a SharpV to use a Syslog server, switching between UDP and TCP does not automatically update the associated port (UDP:514 TCP:1468).
2144684 When a SharpV connects to a computer or switch that uses the IPv6 protocol, the camera's fallback IP address is not available.
2128114 The SharpOS version details window is sometimes not displayed when you click Details from the Dashboard in the Sharp Portal.