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AutoVu SharpOS Release Notes 12.7 GA

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SharpOS 12.7 GA | SharpV
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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

AutoVu™ SharpOS 12.7 GA includes the following resolved issues.
Issue Description
2156649 SharpOS inputs are triggered randomly due to a high frequency signal generated between the input poles.
2142854 When a SharpV is installed for offline use (the unit is supplied with +PoE power but is not connected to a switch or network), the unit restarts every few minutes.
2141075 The SharpV RTSP stream does not include endpoint authentication.
2138361 When calibrating the speed estimation feature on a SharpV, the Sharp Portal displays "Calibrating…" but the camera does not complete the calibration.
1820143 The SharpV can generate multiple concurrent video streams. If one of these streams requests H.264 encoding while another stream requests MJPEG encoding, the SharpV might reboot unexpectedly.
1795753 The Sharp Portal displays the unit's connection status to Security Center, but does not indicate the server to which it is connected.
1362080 After configuring the SharpV focus and zoom and then saving the change, the Log Out button does not function.
755114 The SharpOS update feature must be removed from Config Tool. The feature will be replaced by a more streamlined version in a future release.