Updating the SharpV Platform from the Sharp Portal - SharpOS 12.7 GA | SharpV

AutoVu SharpOS Release Notes 12.7 GA

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SharpOS 12.7 GA | SharpV
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To benefit from the most recent security improvements, you can upgrade the unit's platform software from the Sharp Portal.

Before you begin

  • SharpV platform update packages are available from GTAP. Save the AutoVu.Platform.SharpV.Platform_XX.XXX.X.gpack file on the local machine you are using to log on to the Sharp Portal.

What you should know

After you start the update, you cannot navigate away from the page without canceling the update.


  1. Log on to the Sharp Portal.
  2. From the Configuration menu, select the Maintenance page.
  3. From the Packages section, click the Update button for Platform.
    NOTE: If you want to update the SharpOS and platform at the same time, and a .gpack file is available, click Install new package.
  4. In the Update package dialog box, choose to run the update Now, or click Specific date to schedule the update for off-peak hours.
  5. Click Add a package, browse to the location of the update .gpack file, and then click Open.
  6. Click Update (or Schedule, if you set a specific date for the update).
    The files are transferred to the SharpV.

    When the update is finished, the new platform version is displayed.