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AutoVu SharpOS Release Notes 12.7 GA

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SharpOS 12.7 GA | SharpV
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To benefit from the most recent SharpV features and security improvements, you can upgrade the unit's SharpOS software from the Sharp Portal.

Before you begin

  • SharpOS update packages are available from GTAP. Save the self extracting SharpOS_12.x.x.x.zip file on the local machine you are using to log on to the Sharp Portal.
  • Before starting an update, check the current SharpOS version that is displayed on the Overview page and ensure that you are installing a more recent SharpOS version. If you are not sure if the update file is compatible, contact the AutoVu™ Support team.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer to access the Sharp Portal, open the browser's Internet Options configuration page, select the Advanced tab, turn on Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protection Mode, and the restart the computer.
  • Starting with SharpOS 12.7, SharpV cameras must communicate using TLS encryption (HTTPS). If the pre-12.7 SharpV uses HTTP and if your network configuration uses a NAT, predefine the required HTTPS ports so that you can easily access the Sharp Portal after the upgrade. Following the upgrade, you can delete the HTTP ports.

    For example:

    Port 2001 -> SharpV 1 : 80

    Port 2101 -> SharpV 1 : 443

    Port 2002 -> SharpV 2 : 80

    Port 2102 -> SharpV 2 : 443

What you should know

  • If you need to update the SharpOS software as well as the SharpV platform software, update the SharpOS first.
  • When the SharpOS is updated, any plate reads that are stored locally on the SharpV are deleted.


  1. Log on to the Sharp Portal.
  2. From the Configuration menu, select the Maintenance page.
  3. From the Packages section, click the SharpOS Update button.
    NOTE: If you want to update both SharpOS and platform at the same time, and a .gpack file is available from GTAP, click Install new package.
  4. In the Software Update dialog box, browse to the location of the folder that contains the update .zip file, and then click Open.
  5. Click Update.
    When the file transfer is complete, the Sharp Updater screen opens.
  6. To start the update, acknowledge any warnings, and click Update now.
    The Progress window lets you monitor the update. When the upgrade is complete, a message indicates whether the upgrade was completed successfully. If the update fails, you receive a message and an automatic rollback occurs.
    IMPORTANT: Do not close or navigate away from the Sharp Updater window while the update is being installed.


When the upgrade is finished, the Sharp Updater window shows message Complete.

After you finish

As of SharpOS 12.7, the SharpV must operate in HTTPS mode. If it used HTTP before the upgrade, use the following steps to complete the upgrade.
  1. Close all web browsers so that the cache is cleared.
  2. Install the SharpV auto-generated certificate, or create a new self-signed or signed certificate.