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AutoVu SharpOS Release Notes 13.1 GA

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AutoVu™ SharpOS 13.1 GA includes the following known issues.

Issue First reported in Description
2494283 13.1 GA When the PlateReader component of SharpOS is restarted, tire images are no longer available in Genetec Patroller™ until Genetec Patroller™ is restarted. This situation can occur when PlateReader is restarted due to a change in the Sharp unit's analytics configuration.
2434201 13.0 GA When configuring a Sharp unit for FTP communication, the Test connection button always results in a failed test.
Workaround: To verify the configuration, click Send sample.
2433783 13.0 GA Following a hardware reboot, a Sharp unit can sometimes restart in APIPA mode instead of using DHCP or the fallback IP address.
Workaround: Reboot the Sharp unit again.
2432140 13.0 GA When using the Circle plate feature in Genetec Patroller™ Config Tool, the circle drawn on the context image using is slightly offset from the actual plate position. Note that this issue is less noticeable when using Patroller 6.5 SR4 or later.
2430297 13.0 GA When you enable remote assistance on a Sharp unit, you can click Extend by 1 hour once, but it is not possible to extend remote assistance twice.
Workaround: Disable remote assistance, then enable it again.
2427714 13.0 GA The SharpZ3 base unit control interface does not display the reboot status of the SharpZ3 system.
2417869 13.0 GA If the relay state is changed in the second stack's Sharp Portal, its state is not reflected in the first stack's Sharp Portal.