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AutoVu™ SharpOS 13.0 GA includes the following new features.

SharpZ3 navigation expansion module
The navigation expansion module is now available for SharpZ3 systems. When a navigation expansion module is installed in the SharpZ3 base unit, the system can add precise location information to license plate reads and can ensure that the patrol vehicle is accurately displayed on maps in Genetec Patroller™. For more information on the navigation expansion module, see the AutoVu™ SharpZ3 Deployment Guide.
SharpZ3 Aux PoE expansion module
The Aux PoE expansion module is now available for SharpZ3 systems. The module provides four Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports to the SharpZ3 base unit. This provides power for wheel-imaging cameras, additional context cameras, or other PoE devices in the patrol vehicle.
Support for wheel-imaging cameras
The AutoVu™ auxiliary PoE camera is a dome camera designed specifically for use with SharpZ3 systems. The 4 mm lens option is ideal for use as a wheel-imaging camera, but it can also be used to provide additional auxiliary context images of the target vehicle. For information on configuring wheel-imaging cameras, see the AutoVu™ SharpZ3 Deployment Guide.
Analytics for vehicle type and color
A new Vehicle type and color analytic is now available in the Sharp Portal. Based on the context image, the Sharp unit can detect if the vehicle is a bus, passenger vehicle, motorcycle, pickup, truck, work van, or an unknown vehicle type. In addition, the Sharp unit can detect if the vehicle is black, white, blue, brown, green, gray, orange, red, or yellow. Colors excluding white and black are also assigned light, neutral, or dark according to the color analysis.
Reset Sharp Portal password
You can now reset a lost Sharp Portal password for a SharpZ3 system. For increased security when resetting the password, the SharpZ3 system uses multi-factor authentication. You must provide information from the yellow Important information sticker included with the SharpZ3 system, and you must also press a physical button on the SharpZ3 base unit.
Improved target vehicle positioning
Based on the position of the patrol vehicle when a license plate is read, the SharpZ3 system can calculate the location of the target vehicle. To ensure this calculation is accurate, the new Position and orientation page in the Sharp Portal lets you define the exact location of the SharpZ3 cameras on the patrol vehicle roof. To help you confirm that you have entered the measurements correctly, the page dynamically updates to show the position of the camera on the vehicle.
Improved camera selection
A new camera selection menu is now included on the Camera feeds page and on other pages where each camera requires a specific configuration such as the Position and orientation page. This addition is especially useful for systems that include many SharpZ3 camera units and auxiliary cameras.
GNSS position for FTP and HTTP extensions
For SharpZ3 systems that include the navigation expansion module, GNSS position information is now available when using the FTP or HTTP extension to send ALPR data.
Improved France context
Due to the high number of French license plates that are present in Monaco, Sharp systems in Monaco are sometimes configured to use the France regional context. The France context has been improved to better detect license plates from Monaco.