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Release notes
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AutoVu™ SharpOS 13.2 includes the following new features.

Support for SharpV
The SharpOS 13.2 release is for SharpV camera units only. With this update, the Sharp Portal for SharpV now has the same look and feel as SharpZ3. In addition, some features that were introduced for SharpZ3 in previous SharpOS 13 releases are now available for fixed parking systems using SharpV camera units.
IMPORTANT: SharpOS 13.2 is compatible with SharpV units only. For SharpZ3 units, install SharpOS 13.1. For more information, see Product compatibility.
Analytics for vehicle type and color
The Vehicle type and color analytic that was released for SharpZ3 units in SharpOS 13.1 is now available for SharpV units. When you enable the analytic on a SharpV, an additional tool allows you to set the field of view directly from the Analytics page in the Sharp Portal.
New ALPR regional context for Alaska
For AutoVu™ systems in Alaska, USA, a new Alaska regional context is now available in the Analytics page of the Sharp Portal. This new regional context optimizes ALPR performance based on the physical characteristics of license plates from this region.
Enhanced ALPR regional contexts
  • Sweden: The Sweden context has been updated with the following changes:
    • Removed character patterns not found in Sweden.
    • Fuzzy matching no longer matches the letter "O" and the number "0".
    NOTE: As a result of this update, you can expect an increase in the average confidence score assigned to license plate reads.
  • Brazil: The Brazil context now recognizes license plates that use the region's new character pattern for letters (L) and numbers (N): LLL NLNN.