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Using Genetec™ lightbar brackets, you can mount up to four SharpZ3 cameras on the patrol vehicle.

Lightbar mounting bracket overview

Before installing the lightbar bracket on the patrol vehicle's lightbar, familiarize yourself with components:

  Component Description
A Patrol vehicle lightbar To verify that your lightbar is compatible with the lightbar bracket, contact your AutoVu™ Sales representative.
B Tilt bracket Provides vertical tilt adjustment and some roll adjustment.
C Pan bracket Provides horizontal pan adjustment. You can connect the pan bracket to the left or right side of the tilt bracket.
D Mounting bolts Use the mounting bolts included with the hardware.
E Slide bars Compatible lightbars include slotted slide bars so that you can adjust the position of the mounting bolts.
F Spacer plate The spacer plate must be rotated according to which side of the vehicle it is being installed on as shown in the diagram.
NOTE: For some lightbar models, the spacer plate is unnecessary. For information on the hardware required for your lightbar, refer to the documentation included with the lightbar camera bracket.
G Mounting base The lightbar mounting bracket is installed between the lightbar and the mounting base.