Assembling the tilt-pivot head - SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.0

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SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.0
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After the tele-pole is assembled, you can attach the tilt-pivot head and upper swing arm.

What you should know

Use these steps to install the following hardware:

Tilt-pivot head
RAM-VB-TNT90-1 (Genetec part number: AU-H-RAMTNT90)
Swing arm
RAM-VB-109-3U (Genetec part number: AU-H-RAMSWING)
Refer to the following diagram when assembling the tilt-pivot head:
A Nylon washer
B Lock nut
C Flat washer
D Carriage bolt
E Tilt-pivot head assembly
F Swing arm
G Plastic knob
H Thrust washer assembly:
  • 2 x flat washers
  • Ball bearing washers
I 1 ¼" flat washer
J Nylon washer
K Hex bolt


  1. Rotate the tilt-pivot assembly (E) enough to place the carriage bolt (D) through the square opening from the bottom.
  2. Slide the nylon washer (A) onto the carriage bolt with the flat side of the washer touching the tilt-pivot assembly.
  3. Place the swing arm (F) over the carriage bolt and attach it using the flat washer (C) and lock nut (B).
    NOTE: The manufacturer's name "RAM" must be facing downward. When you invert the finished assembly, "RAM" will be facing upward.
    The assembled tilt-pivot head should look like this:

    Connect the tilt-pivot head to the tele-pole:

    Refer to the following diagram when mounting the tilt-pivot head onto the tele-pole:

  4. Sandwich the nylon washer (J) between the upper swing arm (F) and the lower swing arm (L).
  5. Insert the hex bolt (K) downward, connecting the upper and lower swing arms.
  6. Slide the 1 ¼" flat washer (I) onto the hex bolt.
  7. Create a thrust washer assembly (H) using a ball bearing washer between two flat washers and slide the assembly onto the hex bolt.
  8. Screw the plastic knob (G) onto the hex bolt to secure the swing arm assembly.