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When you mount a base unit in a patrol vehicle, you must consider space restrictions, protection of the unit from impact, and other factors. You must also have the correct mounting hardware for installations on carpet, metal, or plywood.

Consider the following best practices when planning the base unit installation.

General recommendations

  • WARNING: The the heat dissipation fins on the ALPR module might have sharp edges. Take care when installing the hardware. Ensure that the base unit is not installed within reach of passengers in the vehicle.
  • Install the base unit in an area with adequate ventilation around the heat dissipation fins.
  • Install the base unit in an area protected from water or dust infiltration.
  • If you mount the trunk unit vertically, orient the heat dissipation fins vertically.
  • Make sure that there is nothing vital (for example, break lines or the fuel tank) that could be damaged when screwing the mounting bracket to the vehicle.
  • Select an appropriate mounting surface. In this example, the back of the seat is reinforced with fabric-covered plywood.
  • Use appropriate screws to attach the bracket to the vehicle: ¼"-20 or M6. The screws must be long enough to secure the hardware, but short enough not to damage any vehicle components under the mounting location.
  • Cable racks are included for the front and back of the base unit. To protect the cable connections from damage, install the cable racks and secure all cables with tie wraps.

Hardware orientation

  • To ensure adequate heat dissipation, do not mount the base unit upside down.

Horizontal mount

  • The horizontal mounting brackets are generally installed with the mounting flanges pointing outward. If required, you can install the brackets with the flanges pointing inward. If you are installing the bracket this way, keep in mind that you must install the brackets in the vehicle before mounting the base unit. This is because the mounting holes are not accessible after the base unit is connected to the brackets.
  • To install the brackets with the flanges pointing inward, use the paper template that is provided with the hardware to accurately mark the positions of the mounting holes.

Vertical mount

  • When selecting an installation location, leave enough space to easily access the mounting screws with a wrench.
  • Install the vertical bracket before connecting the base unit.
  • To mount the base unit vertically, install the bracket base (A) in the vehicle using ¼"-20 or M6 screws. Connect the vertical mounting bracket (B) to the base unit (C), then mount the assembly to base bracket using the provided locknuts.