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An AutoVu™ SharpZ3 system is installed on law enforcement or parking patrol vehicles. The system typically includes a SharpZ3 base unit, SharpZ3 ALPR cameras, and peripheral devices.

Before installing a SharpZ3 system, familiarize yourself with the hardware components of the system:

  Component What you should know
A Base unit The base unit is the main processing component of the SharpZ3 system and is generally installed in the trunk of the patrol vehicle. For more information, see Base unit installation.
B SharpZ3 cameras SharpZ3 cameras can be installed on the patrol vehicle using a hardmount or a magnetic mount (magmount). Hardware is also available for mounting the cameras on the vehicle's lightbar. For more information, see About SharpZ3 camera mounting.
C In-vehicle computer The in-vehicle computer displays license plate reads and hits to the driver of the vehicle using Genetec Patroller™ software. SharpZ3 systems generally include a Panasonic ToughPad. For more information, see ToughPad computer installation.
D Power cable with inline fuse The base unit is connected to vehicle’s battery with a fuse installed as close to the battery as possible. For more information, see Connecting power to the SharpZ3 base unit.
E Expansion slots To add capabilities to the system, you can install up to three expansion modules in the SharpZ3 base unit. For more information, see About SharpZ3 expansion modules.
F In-vehicle computer power supply Power is supplied to the Panasonic ToughPad using the base unit's 8A relay. For more information, see About powering the in-vehicle computer.
G Vehicle ignition To power the SharpZ3 system, you must connect the base unit to the vehicle’s power and ignition signal. When properly connected, the system is supplied with the vehicle's 12 VDC power when the ignition is on. For more information, see Connecting the ignition signal to the SharpZ3 trunk unit.
H CAN bus Future use.
I Base unit control interface Future use.