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AutoVu SharpZ3 Deployment Guide 13.0

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If you install a SharpZ3 system with a four-camera ALPR module in extreme environments where the ambient temperature in the patrol vehicle trunk exceeds the unit’s maximum temperature rating, you must install the SharpZ3 cooler pack on the base unit.

What you should know

  • When installing the base unit, leave at least 5cm (2 in.) of space above the unit to ensure proper air circulation.
  • To confirm if the base unit fan is required for your installation, contact your AutoVu™ representative.
  • You can mount the cooler pack on either side of the base unit.
SharpZ3 base unit maximum temperature rating:
Configuration ALPR module Maximum ambient air temperature
Without cooler pack Two-camera ALPR module 65°C (150°F)
Four-camera ALPR module 50°C (122°F)
With cooler pack Two-camera ALPR module Cooler pack not required
Four-camera ALPR module 65°C (150°F)


  1. Align the cooler pack clips with the correct heat sink fins.
    Tip: The point on the cooler pack body should align with the gap between the base unit body and the ALPR module.
  2. Press down to clip the cooler pack into place.
  3. Secure the bracket using the provided hex head screws and washers.
  4. Connect the cooler pack cable to the CP plug on the back of the base unit.
  5. Secure the cable to the cooler pack frame and to the wire rack using cable ties.